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New Lawn Care
Newly-seeded lawns

Keep lawn surface moist from the time the seed is spread until the first time you mow. If the seeds or young seedlings dry out they will die quickly. At first your new grass needs light, frequent waterings. You should water for half an hour twice a day for the first two weeks or until you see grass through the straw. Once the lawn is up it will perform better when watered less often but more heavily. Try one hour every other day. After two months the roots should be established and watering one day per week for an hour is a good practice.


Six weeks after seeding, it is important to fertilize the new lawn with a granular fertilizer with an analysis of approximately 10-15-15. This will encourage the new seedlings to spread and fill in the open areas. Do not use a fertilizer containing crab grass preventers on seeded lawns. Fertilize monthly for the first year, remembering to water well each time.


Weed Control

Do not use weed control until 8-10 weeks after seeding and after you have mowed the lawn twice. Some weeds cannot tolerate mowing and will die out, the rest can be treated with a broadleaf weed killer.



Wait until seedlings are 3 inches tall before mowing for the first time. This will take about 3-6 weeks. Mow the grass to a height of 2-3 inches, removing no more than one-third of the leaf height at each mowing.


Newly-sodded lawns

Immediately after the sod is laid, water with about 1 inch of water, or enough to moisten the soil 6 inches deep. Most lawn sprinklers deliver an inch of water in about 2 hours. Do this every 1-2 days for about two weeks or until the sod has rooted into the soil and is difficult to pull up out of the ground. Do not water so much that the soil becomes waterlogged as this will prevent root growth. Irrigate less frequently as the root system develops.



Sod can be fertilized immediately after installation. See the fertilizing instructions for seeded lawns.



Mowing can begin 1-2 weeks after installation or whenever the sod has started to root into the soil and can be mowed without displacing the sod.


Flowerbed Tips

Spring Cleanup



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