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Bring Garden Tranquility Indoors with Fountains

As the weather cools, we begin to turn our attention indoors. But we needn't forgo the tranquility of the summer garden just because it is no longer warm enough to lounge outside. Instead, we can create our own retreats inside. 

Fountains can be a centerpiece of the Indoor Retreat, bringing soothing sounds, refreshing scents, and reminders of lush gardens inside. Create a Zen Oasis in your sunroom, a dramatic entrance in our home or office foyer, or a spa-like environment in your master bath.


Many of the fountains we sell at Garden Gate Nursery for outdoor use are also suitable for indoor use as long as you consider the following :

  • How big is that fountain? Some of our larger fountains have quite heavy bases; for these, you may want to consider placing the fountain base on feet or set in a gravel basin to assist moving the fountain in the future. 

  • Protect your floors. Consider putting a non-skid rug pad or felt furniture pads underneath the base to prevent scratching. 

  • Are small children frequently in your house? If so, choose a fountain that can be placed on a taller pedestal or tabletop. Alternatively, choose a fountain that does not have an exposed collection basin (Example: Passaros Fountain).

  • Keep it clean! We carry several products that can be used to prevent the growth of algae in your fountain. Use mild soaps to clean the fountain, if necesary. Avoid using harsh cleansers or bleach, as these may damage the cast stone patina finishes.

  • Lighting can give your fountain a gentle glow or provide a dramatic focus. Some fountains come with submersible lights. Be sure to use these lights or other lights appropriately around or in water. 

  • A properly assembled and filled fountain should not spill or splash on to the floor. Make sure that the fountain is level, the appropriate sized pump is used, and that you don't overfill the fountain. 


Due to their weight, the larger fountains are only available for in-store purchases. However, you may include a special order to be delivered with the next order for our store. Smaller fountains can be special-ordered or purchased through our website at any time.


Here's a selection of fountains now in stock at Garden Gate Nursery: 



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