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You take a lot of trouble to create a beautiful home and gardens and yards are also a part of your home. Today, homeowners are focusing on ensuring that their landscapes have been planned well and that they have very functional outdoor spaces like patios, outdoor kitchens etc which expand the livable areas of their home. Since 1994, Schlise Custom Landscaping has been designing and installing the most interesting and refreshing landscapes in and around Oconomowoc.

Different Features

With us working on your landscaping project, you know that every single aspect will be taken into consideration as we are offer comprehensive landscape services such as:

  • Hardscaping

  • Softscaping

  • Plantings like shrubs and trees & ornamental grasses

  • Water Features

  • Retaining walls

  • Outdoor lighting

  • Fireplaces and fire pits

  • All grading work

  • Various outdoor features

  • Bulk material-Top soil, stone, sand, rock, mulch and graval. 


Getting it Right

We know that perfect design is about ensuring that all the elements in a landscape are brought together in a cohesive manner and blended in the right proportion. When you contact us for landscaping- we first survey the land and check how it is graded and whether any kind of rough grading is required. The hardscaping plans fall into place next after which all the softscaping is installed. The additional features come next and we ensure that everything is planned and installed to perfection.


We ensure that the plants have similar water needs- this will mean you have low-maintenance outdoor spaces that look good and are trouble free for years to come. Irrigation and drainage are also an intrinsic part of landscaping and we know how to plan these right- based on the scale of the garden, its grading and the different kinds of plants that are in it.

Our Primary Objective

At the end of the day, the aim is to create spaces that you will love to spend time in. Having well designed and well-planned outdoor areas also encourages you to use these areas in a better way and you will find yourself spending more time with your family and inviting more friends over for some leisure time. All of this improves the quality of your life. Who would have thought that landscaping would be able to achieve all this? But the fact is that the mastery we have in this field has given us the ability to create spaces that can actually do this for you.


The Perfect Solution

When you contact Schlise Custom Landscaping for any kind of landscaping design and installation, we focus on design and functionality. In addition we ensure that your budget is never overstepped and maintain very realistic pricing. Even as we do this, we never cut corners and only the best materials are used in every single project. If you live in Hartland, Pewaukee and Watertown or any of the surrounding cities, and have a landscaping project in mind, call us on 262-966-9866. We will provide you with the best solutions and ideas.

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